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Measuring instruments

  • FSC_2011
    Friction Tester FSC 2011
    Item Number: 597092001

    High-quality measuring device for precise determination of the static and dynamic friction of floor surfaces.

    Graphical display, Built-in printer, USB connection for pc.

  • Marsurf PS10
    Marsurf PS10
    Item Number: 595668001

    Mobile surface roughness tester. Measures 31 parameters, for example Ra, Rz, Rmax.

    Integrated battery. Simple and intuitive to use. Large, illuminated 4.3" TFT touch display. Comes with a protective box.

  • Rhopoint IQ
    Rhopoint IQ
    Item Number: 593311501

    Instrument that measures gloss, DOI, Haze and RSPEC.

  • Glosschecker
    Item Number: 593430901

    Measures gloss.

  • Hardness tester
    Hardness tester
    Item Number: 595816701

    With a simple scratch test you can determine the hardness of the floor or the concrete in relation to Mohs scale.



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