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Some of these products may not be available on your market. Please contact your local distributor for more information.

  • HTC Cure+
    HTC Cure+
    Item Number: 12113 (20l) 12114 (200l)

    HTC Cure+ is an advanced highly reactive concentrated mixture of potassium and lithium silicate for hardening and surface-enhancement of concrete and mineral materials such as cement-stabilised overlays and terrazzo.

  • HTC Grouting
    HTC Grouting
    Item Number: 11631

    A product used to fill pores and cracks and is used during the HTC Superfloor™ process to satisfy high demands for pore free and homogeneous floors.

  • HTC Stain Protection
    HTC Stain Protection
    Item Number: 11651

    Is a solution based special product for impregnation and sealing of all natural stone, terrazzo and concrete floors. Provides a water and oil resistant surface.

  • HTC Stain Protection Primer
    HTC Stain Protection Primer
    Item Number: 11653

    This product is used as the first treatment before HTC Stain Protection, when the smallest change in surface color as possible is to be achieved.

  • HTC Stain Protection Pore Primer
    HTC Stain Protection Pore Primer
    Item Number: 11730

    Is a water-based primer with polymers that provides a powerful water and oil-resistant surface. HTC Stain Protection Pore Primer can be used on all natural stone, concrete material, levelling products and terrazzo floors.

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