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HTC GL PS - a sturdy pre-separator


HTC GL PS – Increased capacity 

HTC GL PS is a sturdy pre-separator that removes the large particles, such as heavy chips, bits of metal, screws and other things that might come in the way on a construction site, before they reach the dust extractor. This will increase the dust extractor’s overall capacity and it will significantly extend the life of your filters.

The pre-separator is height adjustable and the large rubber wheels make the machine easy to move around.

The new GL PS is not just another "trash-can" separator. This special unit (which is also integrated in the HTC 80 iD) is thoroughly tested and designed for the most optimal airflow to separate large particles in the airflow. Also, the "by-pass" valve makes continuous operation possible. The operator can change the dust bag in the pre-separator without turning off the dust extractor and therefore save valuable time.

The Longopac system that is standard on the GL PS also makes the handling of dust very convenient. Other features are adjustable height for easy transportation, antistatic hoses with camlock system and large rubber wheels.

Removes up to 95% of the concrete dust
  • Increases the HEPA and Main filters of the vacuum
  • Continuous operation with the integrated by-pass valve
  • Both hose connections are mounted down low to keep from tipping over
  • Adds all the conveniences of the Longopac bag system when used with competitors vacuums

Technical Data

Article Number502158502158
Length800 mm31.5 inch
Width600 mm23.6 inch
Height1300 - 1700 mm51.2 - 66.9 inch
Weight56 kg123 lbs


  • Low cost
    Easy to service

    The optimized construction provides a machine that is easy to maintain and to service, leading to a low maintenance cost.

  • Longopac

    Longopac™ makes it both faster and easier to empty the grinding dust. It is also economically advantageous since 100% of the bag material is used.

  • Handy with rubber wheels

    The vacs intelligent construction with robust and stable chassis and large rubber wheels makes them very easy to move around.

  • Greyline simplicity
    HTC Greyline™ simplicity

    HTC Greyline™ literally means easy grinding. Just connect the dust extractor with the machine and start grinding.

  • HTC GL PS transport mode
    Low height

    To use as little space as possible during transportation the machine is easy to adjust in height. During transportation the height is only 1300 mm, or 51 in.

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