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EZchange™ - Instant tool change system

No more seized, rusty or broken screws; in fact no screws are needed at all. With the new patented EZchange™ (“easy-change”) system they’re history. EZchange™ is a revolutionary system for lighting-fast tools changes, and as the name indicates, it is extremely easy to change tools. The system consists of wings for metal-bond and plastic-bond diamond tools and a new kind of metal holder. You use the same holder for every type of HTC tool in the EZchange™ system. No need to have metal disks for all your various sets of diamond tools!

Position the tools in the compartments on the holder and with a light tap with a rubber hammer you’re ready to grind or polish a floor or remove coatings. The EZchange™ system is available for all HTC grinding machines excluding the HTC 130. Don’t waste time and money on unproductive tool changes. Benefit by the professional, patented and innovative EZchange™ system from HTC and increase your grinding efficiency and your profits!


  • EZchange™ system - the parts
    The parts

    The new tool holder and wing, the parts in the new EZchange™ system.

  • EZchange™ system - the perfect fit
    The perfect fit

    Insert the wing in the holder tracks. There is only one way to do this.

  • EZchange™ system - the safe system
    The safe system

    The tool is now prevented from being ejected forwards or backwards, thanks to the smart design.

  • EZchange™ system - the easy system
    The easy system

    A light tap with a rubber hammer holds the tool firmly in place. You are ready for work!

  • EZchange™ system - the freedom of choice
    The freedom of choice

    You attach either 3 tools for a half set or 6 tools for a full set depending on the type of floor and desired removal rate.


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