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HTC Grinding box

HTC Grinding box simplifies handling of your HTC tools

HTC Grinding Box

The HTC Grinding box contains the initial grinding step in our metal bond SMHX series to be able to perform rough grinding and/or paint removal no matter the type of concrete. The box comes in two different setups depending on your type of grinding machine, the Classic/T version that suits all our machines with three grinding holders, and the X version for all machines with four grinding holders.


HTC GRINDING BOX X (593344902) HTC GRINDING BOX C/T (593344901)
EZ S2 DS (12 pcs) EZ S2 DS (9 pcs)
EZ M2 DS (12 pcs) EZ M2 DS (9 pcs)
EZ H2 DS (12 pcs) EZ H2 DS (9 pcs)
EZ X2 DS (12 pcs) EZ X2 DS (9 pcs)

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