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Metal tools

Metal-bond diamond tools


HTC's metal-bond diamond tools are constantly being developed to meet our customers’ requirements for efficient grinding tools. HTC has developed a very broad range of metal-bond diamond tools to achieve maximum capacity at minimum cost and to suit most types of floor. Floors can be divided into different categories, such as soft floors, medium-hard floors and hard floors.

Soft floors

Floors of loose or porous material. A high rate of removal is achieved with these floors, but with higher tool wear.

Medium-hard floors

Normal building concrete. This includes marble and terrazzo floors.

Hard floors

Usually refers to steel trowelled floors or certain types of cement. This includes granite. The floors usually require “soft” segments.

  • HTC SUPERPREP series
    SUPERPREP Series

    Tools tougher than any job
    The series combines the entirely new EZ PREP series, along with the well-known T-Rex® and Ravager tools, both of which have been further developed and improved.

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  • S series
    S Series

    S-Series for soft concrete and abrasive surfaces
    Soft concrete, asphalt or other porous materials are often very abrasive and tools risk being worn out pretty quickly if not chosen wisely

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  • M series
    M Series

    M-Series is specifically developed for medium hard concrete (Moh’s scratch test between 3 and 5)
    The M-Series can in addition to concrete be used for natural stone and terrazzo and has a high removal capacity.

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  • H series
    H Series

    H-Series is specifically developed for hard concrete (Moh’s scratch test between 5-7)
    For power troweled surfaces the H-series could be a good choice. The H-series can also be suitable for processing of natural stone such as marble and terrazzo

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  • X series
    X Series

    X-Series is specifically developed for extremely hard concrete (Moh’s scratch test between 7-9)
    Grinding extremely hard concrete can provide challenges and the X-series is perfect for these type of tricky situations

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    XX Series

    For extremely hard concrete, when nothing else can make the cut!
    The XX Series consists of unique diamond tools for the hardest concrete and where speed is essential.

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  • Tool ring 180 Gold M2
    Tool Rings

    For concrete grinding
    The HTC tool rings are equipped with our S, M or X single segments and is an alternative to using our single segment EZ wings.

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  • SGW 1 Silver
    SGW Series

    HTC Plastic rings - For wet grinding of natural stone floors with uneven Surfaces
    The SGW-rings are especially efficient when it comes to wet grinding of uneven placed floor tiles 

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