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Grinding Guides

Production, floor restoration & floor repair

  • Removing coatings with HTC 950 RX
    Removing coatings with HTC 950 RX
  • HTC 800 RX at a construction site
    HTC 800 RX at a construction site
  • Level surface & floor preparation
    Level surface & floor preparation
  • Polishing with an HTC 800 RX
    Polishing with an HTC 800 RX
  • HTC 1500 ixT
    HTC 1500 ixT
  • HTC 270 EG
    HTC 270 EG

This section is for you who are in the process of installing new floors, renovating existing surfaces (floor restoration) or basically just needs to repair a damaged floor. We will assist you in choosing the best available treatment for your floor and what machines and tools you should use.

Floor preparation, machines and equipment

HTC's machines and equipment for floor preparation have been developed and thoroughly tested by HTC's large R&D department. Under the section "Products" you can read more about our machines and equipment for floor preparation.

Floor restoration

A worn and damaged stone floor can often be brought back to life. For flooring professionals using HTC’s machines and tools, floor restoration is a breeze. 

Floor repair

Do you have a worn epoxy floor, a damaged vinyl floor or perhaps a concrete floor with large cracks? Floor repair is possible when there are minor damages, however many times floor repair is not enough and instead a major renovation is needed and this is were HTC’s floor grinders come in.

If you have a worn concrete floor it can be re-polished and regain its former shine and strength. Instead of floor repair of bad coatings the grinder can also grind away the old coating and prepare the floor for a new coating. Thus, floor repair can actually often mean a complete change of flooring.

Consult a professional if you need help determine if the floor can be repaired or whether it needs replacing.


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