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Granite floors

Grinding and polishing of granite floors

Granite floor

Polished granite is durable and very well suited for floors and today it is common in malls, office premises and hotels. Polished granite is also highly praised for its beautiful colors and pattern. No matter how hard the wear and tear, a polished granite floor keeps its brilliance and luster.

The HTC method

The HTC-System will give you a remarkable result on your granite floors. The patented rotation principle of a HTC diamond floor polisher, the specially designed granite tools and the HTC granite buffing products guarantees an end result you can be proud of.

For wet grinding use the SGW tools and the EZ REP tools for polishing. Be very careful and make sure all grooves from the previous stage are eliminated. Clean the floor after every stage to remove all abrasives of the previous coarser type.

Due to the hardness of the granite, SGW-series tools can be ordered in half set configuration and with a full set of extra weights. If increased pressure is required to achieve the expected result use a half set instead of the normal full set configuration.


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