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Wood grinding

Grinding and polishing guide


Wooden floors are becoming more and more popular on the market. This means an increasing demand on you as an entrepreneur to be able to handle such surfaces. With the EZwood™ concept that handling will be greatly simplified.

In all areas of use regarding wooden floors, from coarse grinding of uneven planks to fine grinding and polishing of oak parquet, we can supply a great solution with the flooring concept EZwood™. The technical advantage with our machine is that it grinds completely flat without leaving low spots, which gives a supreme finish. You can handle all steps from grinding to oiling with the same machine without sacrificing efficiency.


SL 50 or SL 30 can be used to remove old varnish, lacquer, oil or unevenness from the floor. These tools should always be used with flexible tool holders. When the wood floor is flat and clean continue with sandpapers. These are attached on Foamflex pads, which should always be mounted on Velcro holders.

  • Grey
    EZ SL 50
  • Sandpaper
    HTC Sandpaper 40
  • Sandpaper
    HTC Sandpaper 60
  • Sandpaper
    HTC Sandpaper 80
  • Sandpaper
    HTC Sandpaper 100
  • Sandpaper
    HTC Sandpaper 120
Flexible tool holder
Velcro holder



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