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Information about warranty issues


The Warranty/Deviation report form must always be completed for all possible warranty issues, for HTC to be able to make assessments.

After the form is e-mailed/faxed or sent to HTC you will immediately receive a case number. After the case is investigated, you will be notified of the decision. For machines, service must be performed as indicated on the warranty card. Attach a copy of the warranty card. Send warranty report within 14 days following completion of repair.

  • Complete all relevant information on the first page. Invoice number must be listed.
  • E-mail the form using the email indicated in the form, send a fax to 0046 121 152 12 or send by mail to HTC Sweden AB, Box 69, 614 22 Söderköping, Sweden. Keep the broken part or parts in case the Responsible for Warranties at the Service Department needs them or a photo of them. In case of doubt contact HTC using the e-mail indicated in the form.
  • NOTE, the warranty does not apply if the inverter is opened.

Download the Warranty/Deviation report form here. (Non-Swedish customers)

Swedish customers

Swedish customers are asked to contact the Service Department at HTC Sweden for further information before filling out the form.