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Your Floor

The way to a perfect floor

  • HTC 1500 ixT
    HTC 1500 ixT
  • HTC 270 EG
    HTC 270 EG
  • HTC 650 HDX
    HTC 650 HDX
  • Polishing with an HTC 800 RX
    Polishing with an HTC 800 RX
  • Air force museum
    Air force museum

HTC’s products are perfectly suited for both installations of new floors and maintenance of existing floors. This section guides you towards a great floor.

Renovate or install a new floor with HTC grinding machines?

The HTC grinding machines, and diamond based grinding tools, are perfect for among others preparation of a floor (Floorprep), renovation of natural stone floors, creating stunning concrete floors (HTC Superfloor™). Our grinding guides helps you getting the perfect result.


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