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Paint floor

Paint the floor or polished concrete floor?

  • Stockholm International Fairs
    Stockholm International Fairs
  • Stockholm International Fairs
    Stockholm International Fairs
  • Stockholm International Fairs
    Stockholm International Fairs

Is your warehouse floor dirty and worn? Are you looking to solve the problem by painting the floor? To paint the floor is a short term solution and for this reason also a costly solution. A much better alternative is polished concrete, if necessary with Stain Protection or similar protection.

Paint the floor – industry and warehouse

Many industries and warehouses paint the floor regularly to prevent dust from spreading but also for aesthetic reasons. It is often perceived as a cheap solution that even can be performed by the floor owner. However, to paint a floor is rarely a really good alternative. A nice looking, freshly painted floor quickly becomes dull and worn. The life of a painted floor is very short and after just a few months it looks old and dirty. The floor is hard to keep clean, the paint cracks and surfaces become discolored.

Instead of painting the floor a polished concrete floor, an HTC Superfloor™, gives you all the benefits requested but with a much longer life. The cost, probably somewhat higher initially compared to painting the floor, is actually lower on a slightly longer perspective. Paint the floor could be an alternative if it is a short-term location but if it is intended to be used for more than a few years, HTC Superfloor™ is a much better alternative.

Paint floor – Exhibition floor

Many exhibition centers used painted concrete floors or asphalt and the borders marking each booth are painted before every show. The obvious problem is that these borders change between each trade show and after only a few shows the floor look anything but nice. Additionally, all the machines and equipment required when building the booths and tearing them down again after the show are really demanding on the floors.

A much better alternative to a painted floor is polished concrete in combination with Twister™. Several exhibition centers, including Stockholm International Fairs, has chosen this solution because the benefits are many. The shiny floor is attractive and easy to maintain. After each show the floor is cleaned with a regular auto-scrubber equipped with the unique cleaning pads Twister™. Twister™ clean and polish the floor simultaneously and the paint used to mark the borders disappear at the same time as the rest of the floor is cleaned. The exhibition floor now looks like new again. If the floor is maintained with Twister™ the life of the floor basically is infinite.

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