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Xpress Way Terrazzo - Dry Grinding

The grinding guide should be read from top to bottom.

Notes: The intention of the first grinding step is to remove indentations and scratches. Repair joints after first step if necessary. All subsequent grinding steps must remove the scratches from the previous grinding step. HTC Stain Protection is recommended as a final treatment enhancing the natural color of the stone and reducing liquid absorption. The DX tools are used with a velcro holder.

  • EZ BBX 2 Gold
    EZ BBX 2 Gold - 25 grit
    Item Number: 593328601

    BBX2 is a very aggressive resin tool for the first grinding step. It can be used with advantage as the first step on marble, terrazzo and limestone. BBX2 is a continuation of the BB series, now with a unique technology enabling the use of coarse diamonds in a composite diamond tool. BBX2 is strongly recommended together with our Diamond Xpress series. With this combination it is now possible to completely dry-process marble, terrazzo and limestone, without having to use water.

  • DX 3 Grey
    DX 3 Grey - 40 grit
    Item Number: (180 mm) 593341903, (230 mm) 593341901, (270 mm) 593341902

    DX3 is perfect for grinding of natural stone such as marble, terrazzo and limestone.

  • DX 6 Blue
    DX 6 Blue - 200 grit
    Item Number: (180 mm) 593342203, (230 mm) 593342201, (270 mm) 593342202

    DX6 is perfect for honing of natural stone such as marble, terrazzo and limestone.

  • DX 8 White
    DX 8 White - 800 grit
    Item Number: (180 mm) 593342403, (230 mm) 593342401, (270 mm) 593342402

    DX8 is perfect for polishing of natural stone such as marble, terrazzo and limestone. The specific formula and design also makes it a very good polishing tool for hard concrete floors.


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